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"Our goal is to save as many homeowners as possible from foreclosure"

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Purple Sage Properties, LLC
4210 S. Granby Way, #B
Aurora, CO 80014
(303) 963-5030

Purple Sage Properties, LLC is a private for-profit real estate investment company founded in 2006 by its two members to acquire, rehab, for leasing and sale of reidential and commercial real estate in Denver metro area.

We formed Purple Sage Properties, LLC for our business of assisting homeowners in foreclosure. We initially started the company with the goal of helping homeowners perform Short Sales since the real estate market in the greater Denver area has been depressed and would not allow homeowners to sell their homes for the current market value.

We are not Realtors, but invest in real estate as private investors. We have partnered with a group of professionals to assist us in handling bank negotiations. We have a team of reliable Realtors, attorneys, and loan brokers to assist homeowners.

Together with our business partners, we have successfully closed hundreds of Short Sales for homeowners in foreclosure. As a group we have a strong depth of experience.

As our real estate business has grown, we understood that many of our tenants, while waiting to own their home, had economic, employment, or credit problems which have kept them from qualifying for a traditional mortgage loan.

Because we recognized that huge pent-up demand, we expanded our rental business to include creating affordable, single-family housing throughout the Denver. Purple Sage Properties, LLC's answer to develop creative techniques such as lease/purchase agreements, mortgage notes, and land contracts.

Today we are so overwhelmed with homeowners in distress that we have now focused most of our attention to helping these homeowners negotiate with their lenders.

Our clients understand and appreciate that Purple Sage Properties, LLC has provided a strong commitment to parts of the community where few realistic options have been available to those seeking help.

As a final note, Purple Sage Properties, LLC not only provides assistance to homeowner in distress, but also provides affordable housing. By the very nature of our business, we help the economy by providing work for local contractors, Realtors, mortgage companies, and other real estate related businesses.