Short Sale Processing! - Are You Processing Your Own Paperwork For That Short Sale? Let The Professions At Purple Sage Properties Help!

Are You Tired of Processing Your Own Short Sales?

More and more listing agents are realizing the huge amount of time and frustration to do a Short Sale correctly. This makes them far less attractive. We can make the processing tasks associated with a Short Sale easy for you. We can free-up your time so you can concentrate on your highest pay-off: Selling!

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Short Sale Facts For Brokers & Agents!

Give Us Your Short Sale Headaches!

Did You Know?
  • The average broker closes only 10% of the short sales when they attempt it on their own
  • 50% of all homes sold will be sold as a short sale
  • If you are not working with short sales, you are missing at least 50% of the market

Lenders DO Consider Short Sales!
  • Banks are in the business to loan money, not own real estate
  • Foreclosures cost banks time and money
  • Short Sale proceeds are usually greater than selling an REO
  • Property is usually left in an "unsellable condition"

Benefits of Short Sales
  • Properties sell faster when priced properly
  • Seller avoids foreslosure
  • You establish yourself as a Solution Provider
  • You provide "value" to the buyer
  • Generates income stream in a slow market

Your Short Sale Options!
  • You can turn them down because you think they won't sell
  • You can list the house at a price that is overpriced to cover the payoffs and closing costs
  • You can list them as short sales and waste time negotiating them yourself
  • You Can Outsource Your Short Sale Negotiations To The Experts and Create Extra Income Without Extra Work!

Purple Sage Properties has put together a PowerPoint presentation for you to help you understand Short Sales, Short Sale Processing, and How We Can Work Together To Help Distressed Homeowners. Click On The Icon.
Short Sale PowerPointHow To Maximize Your Success & Income With Short Sales

If You Deal Strictly In Higher End Homes ($500,000 or higher), We Have A Progrm Developed Just For Your High-End Listings. Click On The Icon.
Short Sale PowerPointExclusive Transactions for High-End Property Short Sales

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