Purple Sage Properties Can Free-Up Your Time So You Can Concentrate On Your Highest Pay-Off - Selling!

Is this YOU, trying to keep up with all the paperwork that Short Sales require, filling out one form after another that Lenders demand?

Complete this one form and let one of our processors help you with your next Short Sale!

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Save Yourself Time

Give Us Your Short Sale Headaches!

So why not take advantage of this situation. Short Sales allow you to help homeowners that are going into foreclosure. You will now be able to help them sell their home even though the the house is over leveraged or upside down as compared to the market value.

... Let us do 70% of the Short Sale work for you!
  • Collection & Organization Of Lender Required Documents
  • Assisting Your Homeowner(s) To Prepare For The Short Sale
  • Submitting The Purchase Offer & Short Sale Package
  • Generating The HUD-1 Or Net Sheet
  • Negotiating With Lenders & Effective Follow Through With Loss Mitigators
  • Communicating Short Sale Status
Our package to the lender is a professional submission that gets the attention of the lender! With the large amount of short sale submissions, this is important. Most packages are entered into the "round file" because they are not complete. Ours are noticed.

All we require is your assistance in conducting a market analysis for the lender's BPO and changes to the MLS listing. If you think this is too good to be true, you're right! The lender pays the bulk of our processing fee.

Call us before you list your client's property so we can strategize with you.

For more information please contact us at (303) 963-5030.

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