Purple Sage Properties Can Free-Up Your Time So You Can Concentrate On Your Highest Pay-Off - Selling!

Is this YOU after waiting hours to get past the Lender's "Gate Keepers" and still not being able to talk with the Loss Mitigator?

Complete the form and let one of our processors help you with your next Short Sale!

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Short Sale Process

... Let us do 70% of the Short Sale work for you!

Here Is How It Works!
  • Call Your Lead - You should interview your seller before going on the Listing Appointment. Make sure you ask them who their lender(s) are.

  • Do Your Homework - Do A CMA (Comparative Market Analysis). If you find that your seller owes more than the property is worth, then Order A Short Sale Package from us. Let us know who the lender(s) is so we can e-mail you the specific documents for that lender along with your Short Sale Package.

  • Go On The Listing Appointment - Take your Short Sale Package and lender specific documents with you to the listing appointment. Use the handy Short Sale Check List (included in the package) to gather all the information and documentation. Don't forget to put your sign in the front yard!

  • Return Our Documents - When you have all completed all of our documentation, send it to Purple Sage Properties via FAX to (303) 963-5031. When we receive all the documentation, we take over for you. We will contact the homeowner and start processing all that paperwork. You will never have to fuss with the papers again or wait on hold for hours to talk to the lender.

  • Get Weekly E-Mail Updates - To keep you in the loop, we will update you on all your properties on a weekly basis.

  • Investor Offer - We will generate an investor offer, that starts the ball rolling. We start to negotiate with the lender(s) while you find a buyer.

  • Find A Buyer & Close The Deal - Now it's time for you to do what you do best - Find A Buyer. After we receive the acceptance letter from the lender, we set a date and time to close at our title company.

  • Everyone Gets Paid
Call us before you list your next client's property so we can strategize with you.

For more information please contact us at (303) 963-5030.

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